2024 8th International Conference on Electronic Information Technology and Computer Engineering
Welcome Dr. Bao Xueliang from NingXia university to be the TPC!



Dr. Bao Xueliang, NingXia university, China


Bao Xueliang, Ph.D., is a master tutor of Computer Science and Technology, School of Information Engineering, Ningxia University.

I’m mainly engaged in artificial intelligence, neural rehabilitation engineering research, through the application of machine learning and other technology analysis, processing biological signals (EEG or neuromuscular signals) to explore human limb movement intentions; The intelligent control technology (fuzzy control, neural network control, etc.) is applied to explore the intelligent learning control algorithm that conforms to the characteristics of human motion. The application of electronic information technology, Internet of Things technology, blockchain and other technologies to develop a new generation of intelligent motor neuroprosthesis, using engineering methods to rebuild the paralysed limb motor function of stroke patients, improve their independent living and self-reliance ability.