2024 8th International Conference on Electronic Information Technology and Computer Engineering
Welcome Engineer. Jianliang Wang from Tianjin College, University of Science and Technology Beijing to be the TPC!



Assoc. Prof./Engineer. Jianliang Wang,Tianjin College, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China






In 2009, he graduated from the State Key Laboratory of Electronic Testing Technology / Key Laboratory of Instrument Science and Dynamic Testing of the Ministry of Education in North University of China, and obtained a master's degree in instrument science and technology.

I am currently in charge of the research project of the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission on the development of an integrated open-loop Hall current sensor that is independently and controllable in national production. I have also led and completed the collaborative education project of the Ministry of Education's Higher Education Department on industry and education, which is called the "Practical Ability Training of Teachers in the Smart City Direction of IoT Majors in Applied Undergraduate Colleges". I have also participated in the development of the Tianjin Vocational Education and Adult Education Association The research topic of the Joint Journal of Tianjin Vocational Colleges is "Research on Talent Training and Teaching Reform in Ship Communication and Navigation under the Background of the Implementation of the Made in China 2025 Strategy", and participated in the completion of the Tianjin Natural Science Foundation Youth Project "Research on Antenna Layout for Biomedical Applications and the Transmission Mechanism of Electromagnetic Waves through the Human Body" Participated in completing multiple scientific research and production projects such as the National Key Project of Nansha Islands and Reefs, as well as research and production projects at military academies. Published 15 academic papers, including 4 EI searches, 2 Chinese core journals at Peking University, and one textbook and one technical work published by the editor in chief.

Formerly appointed by the Organization Department of the Baodi District Committee of Tianjin to serve as the Deputy General Manager (Deputy Department level) of the Jiuyuan Industrial Park in Baodi Economic Development Zone, after inspection and appraisal by officials from the Organization Department of the Baodi District Committee, he was awarded the title of High Level Talent in Baodi District. The Municipal Science and Technology Bureau has successively selected technology envoys to work as deputy chief engineers in three high-tech enterprises to engage in school enterprise industry, academia, and research innovation projects, achieving significant economic and social benefits for the development of the company and the school. They have been awarded the Outstanding Automation Engineer Award by the Chinese Society of Automation. Guiding college students to participate in a number of competitions in various disciplines, including one national level innovation and entrepreneurship project for college students, one third prize in the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Competition Tianjin Division, one silver prize in the National Internet plus Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Tianjin Division, the second prize in the iCAN International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Tianjin Division, the second prize in the China Innovation Method Competition Tianjin Division, and one silver prize in the second National Undergraduate Olympic Mathematics Competition, Received a certificate of innovation and technology commercialization from Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States.