Welcome Prof. Tao Yu, China Academy of Management Science, China to be the TPC!


Prof. Tao Yu,  China Academy of Management Science, China

For nearly a decade, there has been a study of passive location technology. More than 200 related academic papers have been published. An academic monograph "passive detection and positioning technology" funded by the state key publishing fund has been published by the national defense industry press. This year, the draft of an English monograph on passive localization based on phase difference measurements was handed over to Bentham.  

Some research results with great breakthrough significance are as follows:

1.  Analytical analysis and potential application of double base path-differential positioning equation. Revealing the intrinsic correlation of passive localization equation.

2.  Exploring the way to realize the phase difference position without phase fuzzy

3.  Positioning analytical method for motion target based on the pure azimuth parameters of single fixed station. Solving historical problems by basic analytical methods.

4.  Real-time detection method for the position and motion parameters of the maneuvering target by using dual aircraft.

5.  Coordinated location realizing by using external radiation sources and two aircraft in the case of unknown baseline. The classical geometrical relation is used to prove the innovative thinking.

6.  A Two-Station Passive Locating Solution Independent of the Baseline Length.