Welcome Prof. Lixin Tan, Hunan College of Information, China to be the TPC!


Prof. Lixin Tan, Hunan College of Information, China

Part-time job

Chairman of Hunan Institute of Electronic

Vice-Chairman of Hunan Robot and Artificial Intelligence Institute,

Vice-Chairman of Hunan Robot Science and Technology Education Association,

Vice-Chairman of Industrial and Information Education Teaching Steering Committee

Master Tutor of Hunan Agricultural University, etc.

Achievement Award

1.2017, 2017 Hunan Provincial Vocational Education Teaching Achievement Award Second Prize, Talents Training of Robot Technology Application in Higher Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of System Theory ,Project Host.

2.2018, 2018 National Teaching Achievement Award of Vocational Education Second Prize, Construction and Application of Space Classroom for Famous Vocational Education Teachers Guided by the Concept of "Co-construction, Sharing and Co-development", ranked ninth.

3.2009, 2008 Hunan Provincial Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award in 2008 ,Second Prize .Research and Practice on the Construction of Electrical Automation Technology Specialty Based on Series Products, Project Host.

4. 2009,Third Prize of Hunan Science and Technology Progress Award in 2009, Advanced Method, Technical Equipment and Application of Dynamic Simulation for Generator Active System, Rank third

5.2013, Second Prize of Hunan Science and Technology Progress Award in 2012 ,Key Technologies and Applications of Dynamic Simulation Equipment for Active and Reactive Power Control of Generators (20124283) , Rank ninth

6. 2009,The Fourth Hunan Provincial Teacher Award for General Higher Education in 2009, Project Host.


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Patent for Invention:

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2.2014 ,A Visual Service Robot (Patent No. ZL2014 2 0111228.3), National utility model patent

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