Welcome Dr.Elisa Rojas, Automática, Spain to be the TPC!


Dr.Elisa Rojas, Automática, Spain

Elisa Rojas (PhD`13) received her PhD in Information and Communication Technologies engineering from the University of Alcala, Spain, in 2013. As a postdoc, she worked in IMDEA Networks and, later on, as CTO of Telcaria Ideas S.L., an SME dedicated to both research and development of virtualized network services.

She has participated in diverse projects funded by the EC, such as FP7-NetIDE or H2020-SUPERFLUIDITY.

She currently works as an Assistant Professor in the University of Alcala where her current research interests encompass SDN, NFV, high performance and scalable Ethernet, IoT and data center networks. She has worked in three different areas in relation with SDN: as a researcher in several EU projects, as a designer and developer in an SDN project for a network operator, and as a professor.