Welcome Prof. Dr.Ha Duong Ngo, Germany to be TPC!

Prof. Dr.Ha Duong Ngo, University of Applied Sciences Berlin/Fraunhofer Institute IZM, Germany

Ha-Duong Ngo used to work at Technical University Berlin, at BOSCH (Surface Micromachining), and at Schott AG. He received PhD on MOEMS from Technical University Berlin in 2006. By the end of 2006 he joined the Electrical Faculty and the Research Center for Microperipheric Technologies at Technical University Berlin. He was head of Microsensors and Actuator Technology Center at Technical University Berlin. From 2012 – he is Professor at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin and Group Leader Microsensors technology at Fraunhofer Institute IZM Berlin. Ha-Duong Ngo contributes in important ways to the development of microsystem technologies and micro devices. He initiated the research on surface micromachined electrostatic actuators for use in microoptical applications and made significant contributions to the development of very fast micromirrors for telecommunications, and development of a new class of AeroMEMS sensors as well as to the development of high temperature sensors for use in harsh environments. In collaboration with the companies Kistler AG and Gefran Sensori Spa., he developed high temperature electronics and high temperature micro sensors based on SOI and SiC materials. He joined the research department of company Schott AG in the year 2004 as leader in the group plasma technologies. He conducted research and development novel packaging technologies MEMS sensors. His group was the first to develop tapped through contact vias for this increasing field and enabled here assignment of several patents. His groups used to transfer the developed technologies to the Schott’s fab in Singapure successfully in 2006. His present research interests include silicon, SOI and silicon carbide technology, microsensors and actuators, AeroMEMS, Nanomaterials (CNT and Graphene), as well as micromachining. He is author and co-author in many publications on the field, guest-editor for open source MDPI journals, serves as reviewer for many well-known conferences and journals such as IOP, Elsevier, AIP, and serves in many scientific committees.