Welcome Prof.Jack Luo, University of Bolton, UK to be TPC!

Prof.Jack Luo, University of Bolton, School of EngineeringUK

Jack Luo received his PhD from the University of Hokkaido, Japan in 1989. He worked in Cardiff University as a research fellow, in Newport Wafer Fab. Ltd., Philips Semiconductor Co. and Cavendish Kinetics Ltd as an engineer, senior engineer and manager, and then in Cambridge University as a senior researcher from 2000. From January 2007, he became a Professor in MEMS at the Centre for Material Research and Innovation (CMRI), University of Bolton. He is an affiliated Professor, Microelectronics Institute, Zhejiang University. His current research interests focus on sensors, actuators and lab-on-chips for biotechnology and healthcare applications, and nanomaterials, electronic nanodevices, renewable energy technology, and flexible electronics. He has over near 200 papers published in peer review international journals, ~180 presentations at international conferences, among them 28 were invited talks or planar speaker.